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I've got gadgets and gizmos aplenty. I've got whosits and whatsits galore...

Welcome, Disney fans, to Whatsits Galore, your E-Ticket to Disney Glitches * Mouse Tales * The Tarzan Equation * Disneyana For Sale * Villains Page * Timeline of Mouse History * Kuzco, Disney's Bad Boy Hero * Basil of Baker Street * Disney's House of Mouse * Phil's Hero Rules * Donald's Family Tree * Disney's Mickey Mouse Shorts * Henchmen, Minions & Goons * The Perfect Collectible * Disney Dating Tips * Easy Costumes To Make * The Not-Your-Average Disney Trivia Quiz.

What are glitches? A glitch is any mistake in a Disney film. It can be a technical goof, continuity error, or anything that makes you scratch your head and say, "Huh?" So you think our favorite Disney movies are flawless? Click here to find out!

Now you can complete your Disney collection or begin a new one. We sell toys, figures, pinback buttons, foreign items, PVCs, records, & much more, both Disney and non--Click here to shop.

You know you're a trivia whiz...now's your chance to prove it! The Not Your Average Disney Trivia Quiz is the spot for not-your-average Disney fans. Click here to begin.

Are you a Tarzan buff? The Tarzan Equation compares the Disney animated classic with the original Edgar Rice Burroughs novel. Click here to check it out.

Disney's Mickey Mouse Shorts. Click here for a comprehensive guide.

Mouse Tales: The Life and Times of Disney Mice. Click here to explore.

Kuzco, Disney's Bad Boy Hero. Click here to groove.

A Timeline of Mouse History. Click here to learn more.

Disney Dating Tips Click here for free advice.


Donald Duck's Family Tree

Who's in the house at Disney's House of Mouse?
Do you dare view the Disney Villains page?